General and Privacy terms

Annex 3 to the Terms and Conditions

Ranking and Rating

PreferRent performs the following ranking and rating of Users:

1 Ranking of Users depending on the monetary amount of Equipment rental fees from Reservations performed on the Portal;

2 Rating of Users depending on the feedback sourced through the PreferRent portal by the Rental Companies.

1 Ranking (based on amounts of rental fees)

There are three ranks (starting from the highest): Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

Ranks are updated monthly, depending on the amount of equipment rental fees in EUR, excluding VAT, of Reservations performed through the Portal during the last 6 months, except for Reservations reported by the Rental Companies as such that have not resulted in signing of a lease agreement and/or execution of a lease transaction, as follows:





Rent volume


≥ 10,000

≥ 5,000 - 10,000

≥ 0 - 5,000

2 Rating (based on feedback from the Rental Companies)

Following a performed Reservation, PreferRent will invite the relevant Rental Company to provide its feedback on the User by granting on a scale from 1 to 5 (starting from the lowest) regarding fulfilment of the particular Reservation. Provision of such feedback by Rental Companies is voluntary, contains the subjective assessment by the Rental Companies, and is not regulated by PreferRent.

Every five (5) Reservations made without any feedback from a Rental Company will result in one default rating feedback equaling four (4).

There are five ratings (starting from the lowest): 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Upon initial registration, no rate is assigned to the User. The average rate is for the last 12 months and is updated daily.