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Why Choose PreferRent

Why Choose PreferRent

PreferRent is very flexible: it can be tailored to existing needs, or help with implementing new procedures and controls in an organization.

All organizational functional perspectives are taken into account: Managing Director, Financial Manager, and all of the front and back office.

With PreferRent you can significantly improve work efficiency:

  • Real-time information exchange between each department in the organization and the accountant office
  • Make the maximum use of employees’ sales skills


Rich configuration possibilities:

  • Definable business logics (which processes will be utilized), use of pre-defined codes and structures
  • Definable number intervals used for various documents (a useful feature in many countries with rigid legal requirements)
  • Definable user groups, their roles and access rights
  • Definable regional settings
  • Possibility to make changes to defined logicsin the future, according to the latest requirements


Extensive informational analysis:

  • PreferRent integration with QlikView allows easy up-to-date reporting on sales, utilization and many other functional ratios. If needed, other business analysis tools can be used.
  • All organizational operations can be monitored in real time.


Save on licensing for ERP/accounting system:

  • You may continue using your current Microsoft Dynamics AX system (if you are already using it);
  • PreferRent allows you to save on Microsoft Dynamics AX full user licenses, as PreferRent operates as a separate system and requires its own licensing. If a customer has 5 accountants, and 50 rental & sales representatives, only 5 licenses are needed for Microsoft Dynamics AX, and only 50 licenses are needed for PreferRent.


All rental business related specific challenges are covered:

  • Individual and bulk-item (formworks, scaffolding, other similar bulk products) processing;

Real-time synchronization:

  • Synchronization of PreferRent with Microsoft Office Outlook enables users to easily use such Microsoft Office Outlook features as tasks, calendar, reminders, etc.