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Hire software | PreferRent Small Office Edition

Hire software | PreferRent Small Office Edition

Hire software | PreferRent4SmallOffice is an all-in-one edition of PreferRent4Office that is intended for small organizations with 1 branch. Anyway, you can have all the power of PreferRent right to your desktop.

Hire Software benefits and highlights

Product highlights of PreferRent4SmallOffice are almost the same as for PreferRent4Office.


The following restrictions apply to Hire Software | PreferRent4SmallOffice:   

  • Database engine and database are installed on the local system by default.
  • Client-side data caching may produce inaccuracies if multiple clients work with the same data objects simultaneously.
  • Unable to receive notifications, reminders, and requests for authorization.
  • Cash register integration features are inactive.


Technical architecture

PreferRent4SmallOffice is a 2-tier system that includes database and client.



Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Express (freeware, included in setup, installs on local computer)


Desktop client for PreferRent4SmallOffice:

Microsoft .NET application (freeware) that requires Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or a more recent Windows OS with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1