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Rental functions | PreferRent4Office

Rental functions | PreferRent4Office

PreferRent is easy to fit and scalable system. The number of users, products, locations and depots you may have in the system are virtually unlimited.


Hire software | PreferRent4Office, the core of Rental Management Software PreferRent, is present in all solutions and provides virtually everything a rental company needs to carry out daily operations.


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Rental software | Preferrent Office Edition

Product Highlights


  • Work computerization improves productivity and control

Unnecessary manual work eliminated with computerized processes

Document flow optimized to the minimum

Powerful data filtering and versatile data presentation, quick and easy access to documents and reports

Schedule and control your daily activities via calendar and reminders

Event notifications and requests for approval via email

Define user access levels by user and his/her role


  • Know your customers and vendors

Integrated CRM with reminders and notifications via email and SMS

Advanced customer credit rating assessment 


  • Earn more with a customized approach to customers


Versatile discount schemes

Fixed and flexible reservations


  • Deliver to customers all they need and boost your profit

Take advantage of a powerful product and service catalogue (versatile equipment types, e.g. item, bulk, car, equipment, heavy equipment, and highly configurable additional services)

Extend the catalogue with equipment and services you purchase or hire from vendors 


  • Diversify your business with re-hiring

Covers the full process from the offer and acquisition up to return


  • Expand your brand with franchising


  • Modern warehouse management and fleet management puts everything in place

Track equipment location, fuel consumption, engine-hours, operator-hours, and mileage

Equipment maintenance, health & safety management

Instant product balances and availability

Defective, lost, and insured equipment

Inventory auditing and stock-taking (by warehouse, location or product group) 


  • Logistics for quick delivery & return


  • Accounting for expenses, revenue and profitability *

Customers’ and vendors’ balances

Expensing and invoicing

Integrated with a cash register

Debtor control

Refined expense allocation down to a specific item

* Hire software | PreferRent4Office has some built-in accounting functionality for stand-alone configurations. If you decide to integrate PreferRent4Office with your company’s accounting system, you can choose which functionality from which system meets your requirements, and which combination is optimal for your situation. If you are not satisfied with the limitations of PreferRent4Office's stand-alone accounting functionality configuration, please consider PreferRent4Enterprise package.


Technical architecture

PreferRent4Office is a scalable 3-tier system that includes: database, application server and client.



Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008


Application server:

Microsoft Windows Server 2005/2008 with the following services enabled:

SQL Server 2005/2008 Reporting Services,

IIS Application Server,

WFC/Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1,

Distributed Transaction Coordinator


Desktop client for PreferRent4Office:

Smart Client deployed using ClickOnce technology

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or a more recent Windows OS

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Compatible with Windows Terminal Services