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Rental Software | PreferRent Enterprise Edition

Rental Software | PreferRent Enterprise Edition


PreferRent4Enterprise is built on top of PreferRent4Office and PreferRent4eCommerce, and is fully integrated with them.

PreferRent4Enterprise is a full-featured solution of PreferRent for companies that want to achieve the maximum from their rental business.  PreferRent4Enterprise provides instruments for streamlining and growing your business even under the pressures of the global economic slowdown. These instruments address all key areas of your rental business, e.g.:

  • Rental operations
  • Customer service
  • Financial operations
  • Cost accounting
  • Sales and sales promotion
  • Business analysis and planning


The rich capabilities of PreferRent4Enterprise are packaged into four components:


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Rental software Preferrent Enterprice Edition

Business intelligence

The true power of PreferRent4Enterprise is business intelligence (BI) built using QlikTech’s innovative QlikView product.


QlikTech’s powerful, accessible business intelligence solution enables users to make better and faster business decisions. Our software platform, QlikView, combines enterprise class analytics and search functionality with the simplicity and ease-of-use found in Office productivity software tools for a broad set of business users.


QlikView is an alternative to costly traditional business intelligence services or products. The product is able to consolidate large and heterogeneous data sets lightning fast with no need for a data warehouse. QlikView delivers powerful and quick data analysis and an intuitive interface for data visualization and interactive exploration.



Product highlights

Please see below the business intelligence features of Hire Software:


  • Multi-View data analysis on your desktop


Dashboard with your key business performance indicators

Income by equipment type, equipment acquisition type, customers, customer projects, sales representatives

Expenditure down to a specific item

Utilization down to a specific item

Discounts and pricing by customer, product, sales representative

Payback period down to a specific item

Sales representatives’ activities by contracts, rental deliveries, activity type

Split-rent and re-rent profit (down to a specific item)

Payments by equipment type, customers, customer projects, sales representative

Rental fleet profit down to a specific item

  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV

General ledger

Fixed assets


Debtors, transactions and balance

Creditors, transactions and balance

Scheduled batch export and import of data


  • Key ratio analysis

Hire Software | PreferRent helps to monitor the following rental industry key ratios:

Income Analysis & Fleet Effectiveness:

  • Renting income (per month)
  • On-Rent Fleet Yield (per month)
  • Total Fleet Yield (per month)
  • Standard rent price (per day)
  • Actual rent price (per day)
  • Minimal rent price (per day)
  • Utilization I: machine-days approach (per month)
  • Utilization II: maximal rental income approach
  • Utilization III: acquisition cost approach
  • Rented out days (per month)
  • Maximum rented out days (per month)
  • Rented out machine-days (per month)

and other.

Financial Analysis:

  • ROI (per month)
  • Economic Profit (per month)
  • Gross Contribution (per month)
  • Fixed Cost Ratio (per month)
  • Credit Loss Ratio (per month)
  • Free Cash Flow (per month)
and other.


  • Integration with ERP/accounting system

PreferRent4Enterprise also can be integrated with your current ERP/accounting system. Typically integration is achieved by using a data exchange interface between PreferRent and your ERP/accounting system. Our experience shows that this integration is seamless and works easily with any ERP/accounting system you may have. Similarly you can have a customized integration solution, which utilizes other integration techniques, e.g. web-services.


Technical architecture

PreferRent4Enterprise is a scalable 3-tier system including: database, application/web server, desktop client and web client.



Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008


Application/web server:

Microsoft Windows Server 2005/2008 with the following services enabled:

SQL Server 2005/2008 Reporting Services

IIS Application Server

WFC/Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Distributed Transaction Coordinator


Desktop client for PreferRent4Office:

Smart Client deployed using ClickOnce technology

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or a more recent Windows OS

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Compatible with Windows Terminal Services


Desktop client for Business Intelligence/QlikView:

Microsoft Windows XP SP or a more recent Windows OS


Web client:

Internet Explorer 7+, or

Mozilla Firefox, or