Rental Solutions
Licensing Options

Licensing Options

Licensing based on cost-saving

As PreferRent itself consists of several software solutions (PreferRent, Web-Portal, QlikView and MS Dynamics AX), each solution has its own licensing. You don’t have to duplicate licensing for these components. All you need is to define how many user you will have for:

  • Rental operations (handled in PreferRent and Web-Portal)
  • Accounting operations (handled in Microsoft Dynamics AX)
  • Business analysis (handled in QlikView)

There is no need to buy full Microsoft Dynamics AX user licenses for employees involved in rental operations. Buy only the licenses you really need!


PreferRent: buy or rent?

We respect our customers’ wish to maximize the return on their investment; that is why we are offering two options: acquisition of PreferRent licenses, and license rental. Some organizations may find it more economical to acquire licenses; others may prefer to rent (Software-as-a-Service) thus improving smoothness of their organizational cash-flow.


Request for offer

If you are interested in using PreferRent software for you rental business, our sales team will be happy to provide a software demonstration on-line or by visiting your office.
Please feel free to contact us and to request financial quotations to acquire licenses and/or to rent.