Franchising Offer

Franchising Offer


We are offering assistance in organizing construction equipment rental business.


Construction equipment rental market is in growing phase in many European countries.


Rental penetration examples (rental penetration is the ratio of how many machines are sold by producers to rental companies, divided by the total number of machines sold) by different countries and regions:


UK — 80%
Japan — 60%
North America — 50%
Sweden — 40%
Denmark — 40%
Norway — 40%
Finland — 40%
Baltic countries — 10%
Poland — 10%
Russia (St.-Petersburg) — 10%
Russia (other regions) — less than 10%


Crisis during 2007-2010 encouraged construction organizations to make very careful decisions about purchase of construction equipment. Advantages of equipment rental became more evident and financially viable.


Construction equipment rental business is profitable today, and is expected to become even more profitable in the long run.