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Hire Software | PreferRent E-commerce Edition

Hire Software | PreferRent E-commerce Edition


PreferRent4eCommerce is built on top of PreferRent4Office, and is fully integrated with it.

Hire Software | PreferRent4eCommerce opens the door of your rental business to the global internet marketplace. With PreferRent4eCommerce you can both advertise and sell your rental products locally and globally 24/7.

The PreferRent4eCommerce web-site is interactive, i.e., you can make rental inquiries and submit lease offers, or if you are a registered client, work with your data and documents. The web-site provides a range of features up to now not seen in e-commerce rental solutions, e.g., clients can view and amend their own data, view all transactions and documents, submit all sorts of requests and questions, and even pay their invoices. PreferRent4eCommerce will take your communication with your clients and vendors to the next level. They will love it. 





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Rental Software | Preferrent e-commerce Edition


Hire Software benefits and highlights

The PreferRent4eCommerce highlights are shown below:


  • Go international

Multiple-country configuration enabled

Up to three languages for each country

Unlimited number of currencies supported

Invoice payment by credit card


  • Promote your business

Publish on the web-site: company contact and location details, company structure and contact persons, company profile, and the latest news

The web-site is search engine friendly


  • Raise your sales with advanced online hiring and leasing

Well-described and detailed rental inquiry and lease offer wizards for legal entities and private persons

Very detailed product catalogue and product search facilities

Well-described hire and lease processes and additional services


  • Customer self-service facilities on the web-site improve your customer service efficiency

Quick retrieval of each client's customer service manager's contact details

Facilities to manage customer (company) details, contact persons, power of attorney, projects, and warehouses

Easy retrieval of customer documents and transaction data (e.g. rental inquiries, quotations, reservations, lease offers, contracts, discounts, invoices, cash transactions, balance, project balance, equipment receipts and returns, defective, lost, and insured equipment)

Facilities for reviewing rental inquiries, quotations, reservations as well as lease offers

Facilities for submission of customer requests (e.g., discount for idle equipment, discount for leased equipment, estimated hire invoice, equipment return declaration, lease report, as well as general inquiries)

All data submitted from the web-site are processed in PreferRent4Office either automatically or by instruction of the operator; there is no need to re-enter any data

User access level control: by user and by functionality


Technical architecture

PreferRent4eCommerce is a scalable 3-tier system including: database, application/ web server, desktop client and web client.



Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008


Application/web server:

Microsoft Windows Server 2005/2008 with the following services enabled:

SQL Server 2005/2008 Reporting Services

IIS Application Server

WFC/Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Distributed Transaction Coordinator


Desktop client for PreferRent4Office:

Smart Client deployed using ClickOnce technology

Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or a more recent Windows OS

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

Compatible with Windows Terminal Services


Web client:

Internet Explorer 7+, or

Mozilla Firefox, or




Data submitted from the web-site are processed and stored in the database by the PreferRent4Office engine.


The web-site reads data from the PreferRent4Office engine, therefore the contents of the web-site is up-to-date all the time.